State Budget

Matt has passed balanced budgets that meet the needs of our growing state without raising taxes. He believes we need to put Texas on sound fiscal footing by requiring a zero-based budget so that each department and program has to justify its use every biennium.


Matt opposes all efforts to implement an income tax here in the Lone Star State. He believes we need to reduce property taxes and reform the appraisal process so we are not priced out of our homes and businesses.


As Texans we understand that without properly educating our children, the future prosperity of the state is in jeopardy. That means that funding for public education should go to those who need it most – teachers and students in the classroom. Matt also believes that we should continue to pursue alternate means of educating our children such as charter schools and online learning.


Matt believes it is the right and responsibility of Texas to secure its own borders if the federal government does not/will not fulfill its responsibility. That’s why he increased funding for border security to record levels to put more Texas Rangers, state troopers and better technology on our border.


The citizens of District 93 understand better than most that transportation issues can affect quality of life. Matt is committed to prioritizing transportation needs and infrastructure in Texas’ budget. He will fight to invest transportation funding in the most congested areas, such as I-35W and 820.


The rapidly rising cost of healthcare is a crushing burden on Texas families. Matt believes healthcare pricing should be more transparent for the consumer and that health insurance should be more comprehensive and affordable.


The oil and gas industry in Texas continues to provide jobs and income to our great state, including providing over a billion dollars for public education. We should continue to utilize this vibrant sector of our economy and not allow the federal government or state regulations keep the industry from maximizing its full potential. Texas should continue to develop other means of energy, but not at the expense of energy independence and Texas jobs.


Texas has been the nation’s leading job growth state because we keep taxes low and regulations reasonable. Matt will ensure our regulatory climate allows businesses to grow so we have jobs to provide for families.

Second Amendment

Matt believes the right for each individual Texan to keep and bear arms is an inalienable and undeniable right. A well-armed citizenry is a good check and balance against an overzealous government. The 2nd Amendment is the catalyst for a society of freedom and liberty.

Protecting Life

Matt believes that life begins at conception and that life should be protected with the full force of law. We must respect life from conception to natural death.